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  Parking Lot Sweeping, Construction Sweeping, and Street Sweeping

We have over 20 years of sweeping experience. Our sweeping specialties include parking lots, construction, and roadways. Our extensive fleet of equipment includes mechanical broom sweepers, vacuum sweepers, parking garage sweepers, water trucks, and kick brooms. We service commercial, residential, and government clients.

Our clientele includes the Municipality of Anchorage, banks, department stores, box stores, strip malls, churches, apartment complexes, condominium associations, construction contractors, parking lot owners, and businesses of all sizes. Sweeping is the majority of our work and we pride ourselves on client satisfaction, prompt service, and taking the time to do the job right. Our trained staff will properly prepare job sites for sweeping.

We can schedule and quote cleanups of any interval you require including one time, daily, weekly, and monthly. We will tailor a sweeping program to meet your needs with little or no interference to your daily operations.  From sweeping winter sand and gravel to periodic maintenance programs, we can handle it all. Please contact us for more information, to schedule work, or for a free estimate.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything -- even sweeping dirt out of the gutter.

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